Friday, February 11, 2011

Maintain Internet Privacy

Internet privacy is not only important for your personal thoughts and email, it is also important in preventing identity theft. Whether you use a community computer, a work computer, or share a computer with your roommates, there are some easy steps you can take to protect yourself. Use this article to maintain your Internet privacy


1. Open emails only from individuals you know. If you are sent a link, never click on it. Instead, type the website's address in yourself, or do a Google search for the website. Clicking on links from emails can compromise your Internet privacy.

2. Logout of every online account when you are done. It is not enough to "X" out of the program or close down your connection. You must logout to maintain your Internet privacy.
Click on "Start" in the lower left hand corner of your computer (if you use a PC) once you are finished online. Now you must clear you cookies, Internet history, and files to maintain proper Internet privacy.

3. Select "Control Panel", and then click on "Internet Connections". Now click on "Internet Options". From here, "Delete Cookies", "Delete Files", and "Clear History". This will make you Internet privacy more secure.

4. Download XMicro Internet Privacy Vista if you need additional security because you share your computer with roommates friends, or coworkers. The link is provided below in the resources section.

Tips and warning!

Don't trust anyone alone in your house with your computer if it isn't properly secured. Many cases of identity theft happen because of poor security.