Thursday, February 17, 2011

Set Up an MSN Messenger Account

MSN Messenger is a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family. The immediacy of instant messaging makes it far more interactive than email.

To join in the fun, however, you will first need to set up an MSN Messenger account.
Once you setup an MSN Messenger account, you will be able to use it with many Microsoft products, including Hotmail and MSN Music.

Follow these steps to set up an MSN Messenger account.


Set up a Microsoft Passport Account

  1. Go to the Microsoft Passport Web site

  2. Locate the "Get Started Now" link under the "Sign Up Today" section. There are 2 links to choose from. One allows you to create a free Hotmail account that you can use for email. The other link is for creating an account using your existing email address.
  3. Click the "Get Started Now" link under where it says "Use an Email Address You Already Have."
  4. Enter your email address into the "Email address" field.
  5. Choose a password and enter it into the "Password" field. You will then need to re-type your password in the "Retype Password" area.
  6. Select a security question and then enter your answer in the "Secret Answer" section.

Log Into MSN Messenger With Your Passport
  1. Open MSN Messenger on your computer.
  2. Click your mouse into the text field where it says "Email Address."
  3. Enter your email address that you used to create your MSN Passport account.
  4. Click your mouse into the "Password" text field.
  5. Enter the password that you created with your MSN Passport account.
  6. Click the "Sign In" button to begin using your MSN Messenger account.
Tips and Warnings!
  1. There are 2 versions of MSN Messenger. One version is called "MSN Messenger" and includes a version number, such as 7.5. The newest version is called "MSN Live." The Live version allows you to chat with Yahoo! Messenger users. The program, however, will only work with Windows XP and Windows Vista.
  2. When creating a password, choose something that is hard for people to guess. If someone were to guess your password, they could log in as you and send messages to people while pretending to be you. While this won't result in financial ruin like some Internet scams, you could have some explaining to do with your friends and family.