Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Enable Security on Wireless Network

Inorder to secure your wireless network using your regular computer you need to access router set up page by typing the default gate way in Internet Explorer. You can use any operating system Windows XP to Windows 7 troubleshooting steps remains the same. The router ip address depends on the manufacturer, but it should look something like this - .
 A window should appear asking you for your user name and password. If the router is set to default settings, the user name should be ADMIN and the default password of router should be BLANK. Hit enter.

If you wan to block your network name select wireless tab or basic wireless settings. Enter a SSID (wireless network name). The SSID may be on a sticker on the router or you could make one up. Choose a wireless channel. Disable your SSID wireless broadcast. Save or apply changes.

Now you can secure your network for this you need to select wireless tab or wireless security. Choose enable. Choose either WEP or WPA encryption, the latter is a more secure choice. Choose 64 or 128 bit encryption, again the latter is a more secure choice. Enter a pass-phrase and write it down so you can enter it when it is called for when installing the wireless software on your wireless computer. A hexadecimal WEP/WPA key should be generated. Save or apply changes.