Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Windows XP left out from Internet explorer-9 Upgrade?

Many Windows XP user's want to upgrade their browser. Unfortunately Internet Explorer-8  is the last browser for Windows XP users.

Let’s Identify why Internet explorer-9 won't work with Windows XP.
"Microsoft would not put IE9 hardware acceleration features in the current version of its browser, IE8, or back port IE9 to older PCs running Windows XP."

Similarly back in 2006 Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7, But Windows 2000 was left out of the equation. This means in order to run Internet Explorer-9 as your regular browser you need to have either Windows Vista or Windows 7.

All popular browser's (Firefox, Chrome, Opera) in the market having a tough time with their competitors. Microsoft made IE-9 dedicated only for their latest operating systems.

Upgrading your Browser to IE-9??
 This free update is definately a good option because IE9 is able to rendering all the visual elements of websites much faster and smoother using the powers of the graphics processing unit (GPU).

How to repair Internet Explorer in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Try Resetting the Internet Explorer settings in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
In these versions of Internet Explorer, you can repair damaged files or missing registration information. To reset the Internet Explorer settings manually, follow these steps:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Firefox: Increase the Page Loading Speed

Firefox is one of the most widely used  browser on the Internet. Mozilla Firefox is open source and it's free, they also have portable browser. It supports all the operating systems like Windows xp, Windows 7, MacOSX, Linux based computers
How to customize Firefox browser to increase the speed of page loading .
This trick is based on the concept of HTTP Pipelining. To utilize HTTP Pipelining,what you have to do is to just enable the HTTP pipelining in Firefox because it is disabled by default in Firefox version 3(or in greater version, It may not be supported in older versions, if so then first upgrade your firefox to 4).
  •  Open Firefox Browser and type about:config in address Bar and hit enter.

  • Now type network.http.pipelining in Filter box.

  •  Change the value field of network.http.pipelining, from False to True (By Double Clicking on it).

  • Change the value field of network.http.pipelining.maxrequests from 4 to 8(or more).

  • You may like to change or not in third field,actually it is for servers that uses SSL.If you want then change it to true leave it untouched.
Note: Without HTTP Pipelining ,HTTP requests are sent out in successive order i.e one after another but If we use HTTP Pipelining then the request can be sent to the server more quickly that’s why the page loading time will decrease.Therefore the browsing speed will increase and surfing become faster with Firefox browser.

Twitter Addons for Popular Browsers

Some useful twitter addons you use on your browser's on your windows computer.
Twitter Addons for Internet Explorer
TweetIE addon installs as a toolbar in Internet Explorer. If it is not visible, select View > Toolbars > CloudBerry Twitter plugin.  On first use, the plugin prompts for your username and password.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Best 3 Portable Browser's

Nowadays portable softwares are the best ones to carry in your pendrive and use it on any computer.  We have the best 3 portable browsers you can carry it on any usb pen drive so that you can use anywhere on any computers.

Enable Private Browsing in Safari

Safari saves a record of all the pages you have visited while browsing, and also it saves files you have downloaded and the searches you have made. In most conditions this is good as it can save time and assist you retrace your steps. However, in some cases you may prefer to leave no record of your browsing in your browser, for example when you are using a public computer.

Broadband Connection and Wireless routers

Types of Broadband
There are different types of broadband service's-  Mainly 4 types
ADSL and DSL This connection uses the telephone lines to access internet.
Cable Connection which uses a cable network.
Sattelite Connection: Internet will be accessed through antenna, This connection provides a static ip address.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Internet Explorer-7 common Issues

Anti-Virus or Firewall issues with IE7
•Some third software applications and security softwares, may interact with IE7 in unpredictable ways. The result is usually denial of access to specific pages, disabling your ability to change your home page and blocking advertisements on viewed pages. The solution usually involves uninstalling the offending application.

Monday, October 25, 2010

7 Browser Extensions for Safari-5

  • Ultimate Status Bar
    This extension adds a pop-up bar in the bottom left hand corner of Safari that shows you exactly where a link leads or, in the case of file downloads, the exact name and size of the file.

  • Safari Adblock
    This works similar to the adblock in Google chrome, the same team has built the ad blocker extension for Safari. The entire ad script is blocked by safari, and the ads are not at all downloaded when this extension is installed. You can download it from here.

  • Type To Navigate
    This handy Safari 5 extension will automatically hide any barbaric Flash features that may have slinked into the code of your favorite webpages
    This extension will be of great benefit to older machines are sometimes slowed by the use of Flash on web pages.

  • Access Keys
    Another keyboard web navigation extension, Access Keys lists the keyboard commands supported by any website that you might be visiting in a toolbar that appears at the top of the Safari 5 browser.

  • Invisible status bar
    Save display space or appeal to your own sense of minimalism by hiding Safari’s native status bar, and using the Invisible Status Bar instead. Only shows up when you hover over a link, i.e. when you need a status bar. Download this extension from here.

  • HelveticaTheWorld
    The Helvetica font is used throughout Mac OS X and iOS and is thought by some to be the most readable font in the world. HelveticaTheWorld does what it says and displays the entire world – okay, the entire web – in Helvetica font. It does have a positive effect on the readability of most websites.

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up makes comments go away. It doesn’t work on every website, but does work on most, including YouTube. That alone is enough reason to install it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Tips for Google Chrome users

What to Do When IE 8 Freezes or Fails to Load

 Most of the time, you face browser issue because of incorrect settings in antivirus and antispyware. To check if they are the cause, turn them off. Close all open windows of Internet Explorer 8, and open a fresh one. Use this Internet Explorer window to browse only secure sites.

Best 5 addons for Internet Explorer

These are the few addons you can consider while using Internet Explorer.

1) Web of Trust - This addon is similar to McAfee Site Advisor. The Web of Trust Add-on integrates with search results pages and rates each link for safety.
  • Green means safe
  • Yellow means caution
  • Red means don't visit the page.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


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Mozilla Firefox Tweaks for Faster Browsing

We spend more time online than anywhere else, In order make browsing better we have choosen different browsers. Mozilla Firefox is widely used and its in second placed when you compare with all top browsers. Its a favorite browser for developers because of its features.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Internet Explorer 9 Features and improvements

Internet Explorer-9 has been designed to view a broad range of web pages including certain features within the operating system ( Windows Vista and  Windows 7 )also includes Microsoft Update.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Download Opera 10.63 and also Try Opera 10.70 Beta Version for Windows

      If you are eager to try a newer version of Opera i.e 10.70  web Browser, then here is your chance to
Download Opera 10.70 Beta

  Also you can use existing  Opera 10.63 full version as desktop Browser, In this Browser they have focused on stability a total of 11 crash related issues fixed) and bug squashing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Repair Internet Explorer-8 for any Errors and Issues

Internet Explorer-8 is one of the most popular web Browsers, but it is still vulnerable to errors in windows. Some times you find Internet Explorer running  slow, frequently crashes and does not respond when it's required,

You may want to uninstall and Re-install Internet Explorer but you can consider this trouble shooting before un-installing the internet explorer.

  • First try disabling each addons and check the performance, Most of the time this fixes the issue.
  • If this won't fixes the issue perform the steps below to reset Internet Explorer 
How to Reset Internet Explorer-8 to Default Settings.

1. Open Internet Explorer 8.

2. Click Tools from the Command Bar and select Internet Options.

3. Select the Advanced tab.

4. Go to the Reset Internet Explorer settings section and click the Reset button

5. You will then see a window that outlines the impact of resetting IE8. A basic reset will disable toolbars and add-ons, and reset default web browser settings, advanced options, tabbed browsing settings, privacy settings, pop-up settings and security settings.

                   If you check the Delete personal settings checkbox, it will reset the home page(s), search providers and Accelerators to their default values. It will also delete the temp internet files, history, cookies, passwords and InPrivate Blocking data. Now restart the Browser and check the performance.

How to Setup a Wireless Home Network

Wireless offers tangible benefits over traditional wired networking. We find wireless connectivity in all the
devices that we use cellphones, gaming systems and computers.

The first step is to choose a good Wireless Router Depending on your usage and considering the connectivity factor you can choose a router. There are many brands and different series of router which comes with different wireless range. Few popular router manufacturers are Cisco, Dlink, Linksys and Belkin

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The File and Printer Sharing allows other computers on a Network to Access Resources on your Computer

1. Each Computer should have unique name
     Ensure all computers must possess unique names on a peer-to-peer Windows network.

2. Workgroup or  Domain name for share Microsoft Network
     Home networks and other small LANs uses workgroups, whereas larger business networks operate with domains.

3. Ensure TCP/IP is Installed on all the Computers on the same network
    TCP/IP is the best network protocol to use when setting up a Windows LAN. In some circumstances,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Windows 7 HomeGroup Setup

       This is very helpful in sharing files and printers on a home network you can onnect two or more PCs running Windows 7.

Note: You can join a homegroup in any edition of Windows 7, but you can only create one in Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise.

HomeGroup feature in Windows 7  lets you create a home network with built-in and expandable sharing and access.  Windows 7 lets you establish three types of networks—