Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Print From Internet Explorer

You can find all sorts of useful information on the Internet. Sometimes, you may want to print that information to save it for future reference. With Internet Explorer, it is a simple matter to print information from the Web sites that you visit.


  1. Go to your computer and access Internet Explorer. Find a Web page with interesting information on it that you would like to print and keep.
  2. Go to the 'File' heading on the Internet Explorer toolbar.
  3. Click 'Print Preview' to see how the page you are about to print will look on paper.
  4. Hit the 'Escape' button to go back to the Web page you want to print
  5. Select Print from the 'File' menu.
  6. Select your printer from the provided list.
  7. Hit the 'Preferences' button if you want to give special printing instructions, such as adjustments for color, type of paper and other effects. Click 'OK' when you have made your selections.
  8. Select whether you want to print headers and footers, background information and images by checking the appropriate boxes.
  9. Scale your document if necessary by selecting the 'Shrink Pages to Fit' option. You can also make the text larger or smaller by clicking the '+' and '-' buttons.
  10. Turn on your printer, then click on the 'Print' button. Your Web page will begin printing.