Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Network Two Mac Computers in Osx

Modern Macs loaded with OSX 10.5 ship with an AirPort card installed, which enables Apple's built-in wireless technology. Users can connect two Macs in an "ad hoc" network which allows the sharing of files or printers utilizing the AirPort card. In the past, a network between two Macs was typically established with an Ethernet connection. While that method is still in use, Apple's wireless technology makes it possible to network two Mac without cables, quickly and easily.


Setting To Be Done On Mac #1

  1. Boot up both Macs.
  2. Click on the "AirPort" icon in the Finder Menu Bar on the first Mac, and pull down the menu to "Create Network."
  3. Create a name for your network when the "Create a Computer-to-Computer network" dialogue box pops up.
  4. Select a channel number from "Channel" pull down menu, located directly below the name you've just given to the network.
  5. Check the box next to "Require Password" if you wish to secure the network, and enter a password. (This step is optional.) Verify the password.
  6. Click on the blue "OK" button on the right after entering the information.

    Setting Up Mac #2


    1) Choose the "AirPort" icon in the Finder Menu Bar on the second Mac, and pull down the menu.


    2) Select the "Computer-to-Computer network" name that you just created.
    3) Enter the password you have chosen in step five above, when the window "The selected AirPort network requires a password to join" pops up.

    4) Open a new finder window from your desktop window by selecting "Command" and "N." Alternatively, locate the "File" menu from the desktop, and pull down to "New Finder Window."

    5) Locate the sidebar in the window and find the "Shared" drill down arrow.
    Click arrow and choose the network name you created.

    6) Click "Connect" to log into the remote Mac using that computer's user name and password.

    7) Access the other Mac's files, and you have successfully networked two Mac computers in OSX.

    Disconnect the connection through the "AirPort" icon in the Finder window when you are finished using the network connection.