Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Avoid Internet Dating Scams

Many busy singles who do not have the time for the usual dating scene are using the Internet to make a love connection or find that special someone to date. This sounds like a great idea on the surface but there are Internet dating scam artist out there waiting to steal more than your heart....they are waiting to steal your money and identity. Here is how to avoid Internet dating scams.
  1. Protect Privacy. Don't give out personal email addresses to new contacts. Use a free throw away email account to protect privacy.
  2. Precede Cautiously. Once you sign up with a dating site, or start visiting dating message boards, or chat rooms, use discretion about how much information you share with other singles. Don't divulge too much. By providing or sharing a telephone number you are allowing individuals quick entry to your personal identity. They can easily use a telephone number to find your real world address and name. You certainly don't want someone you chatted with fleetingly showing up at your door without an invitation.
  3. Relationships. Don't start a relationship hastily. Always use due discretion. And watch out for new relationships who immediately hit you up for money. Many dating scams start with the perp establishing a friendly Internet relationship thus lowering the victims guard. Then they request a small loan. After getting the money they disappear and move on the next dating scam victim.