Monday, February 14, 2011

Unfreeze Computer During Internet Explorer Lockup

This article is intended for users of Windows XP operating system.

Has your computer freeze due to Internet Explorer lockup while you're surfing the web? It is most likely caused by bad programming (error codes) on a website or web page that you are viewing. It could also be virus, ad/spyware, or even the IE itself that is causing the problem.

Here comes the rescue to get your computer out of this situation.


1 ) When a crash or terribly written codes freezes Internet Explorer and making your computer inoperable, the Task Manager is very useful to open a new program. It is accessible by clicking on the Start button on the Windows XP menu bar.

2 ) There are three shortcuts to access Task Manager:

(a) Press down these keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete. It opens the Windows Security window, and in there it contains a Task Manager button, click on that.

(b) Ctrl + Shift + Esc and it will open the Task Manager window directly.

(c) Click on the Start button on the menu bar, then click Run, enter this: taskmgr in the text area.

3 ) Next, on the window menu bar, go to the Processes tab. From here you can see all the current running programs and activities on your computer.

Find the entry for "IE.exe". Click to highlight the entry, then click the "End Process" button. You can also check for and highlight any other programs that seems to be having problems and end their process as well. Programs or activities that are having problems will show a status "Not Responding"; these are the ones you want to stop processing.
Once you click the "End Process" button, it may not respond immediately since it will usually take 15-30 seconds for frozen programs to clean themselves up.

4 ) After IE.exe has been unlocked, the desktop icon/shortcut to the Internet Explorer will disappear. To restore the desktop icon, click the "Applications" tab on the Task Manager window, then click the "New Task" button. Enter this: IE.exe and click OK. The desktop icon will reappear.

Your computer and Internet Explorer should be running again.

5 ) Task Manager will always be functional in a freeze up event. It will even be accessible with disappearing desktop icons/shortcuts and programs can still be opened or be stopped with the Task Manager. So next time when your computer locks up due to malware (online or offline), you can access the Task Manager to unfreeze programs on your computer.