Thursday, February 24, 2011

Google chrome: Removing thumb nails

In Google Chrome, the new tab function defaults to thumbnails of the nine most visited web pages you have browsed. Majority Chrome people love this feature. 

If you want to remove these most visited thumbnails from your Google Chrome new tab page in any case, there are a couple different options you can use to make your browsing history on Google Chrome more private.

  1. First make sure that your version of Google Chrome is current. Click on the wrench icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser. On the menu you will see "About Google Chrome". Click on this item. A window will pop up and automatically check for updates.
    If your version of Chrome is not up to date, the browser will download the latest version. You will need to restart the browser.
  2. Open the updated version of Google Chrome Browser. You should now select the "Remove thumbnails" link at the bottom left of the browser page. Click this link.
  3. Your page should now show each of the most visited web pages overlaped with an "X". As you click on each X, that page will be removed from your most visited history. If you accidentally delete a thumbnail from the most visited page, you can click "Restore all removed thumbnails" before clicking Done. When satisfied with the removed thumbnails, click Done.
  4. To make Google Chrome even more private, you may use using Incognito Mode. This prevents Chrome from logging any of the sites you visit. While surfing using the incognito mode, your web activity will not be stored in the browsing history.

    Furthermore, downloads and any history of your downloaded content will not be recorded. Also, when the Google Chrome browser is closed, all new cookies will be deleted.
  5. To begin an Incognito Mode session, click on the tool icon in the upper right corner of Chrome's browser. Select the "New Incognito window" item. A new browser window will open that is clearly different.

    You will see the Incognito icon in the upper left corner. You are now browsing the web in privacy. Note that if you close this window and open another, you will have to go back into Incognito mode again.