Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Charter Modem Crashes

Cable modems provide fast and reliable connections to the Internet using coaxial cable technology similar cable and satellite television service. Problems with the modem such as modem crashes of various origin can occur even when the modem previously appeared to be operating properly.

The process of diagnosing and repairing the modem crash varies depending on the cause of the modem crash and the condition of the modem before and during the crash.


1) Check the cable connections on the modem. Loose coaxial connections as well as disconnected Ethernet or USB cables can cause the modem to crash. Tighten the coaxial cable and reconnect the Ethernet or USB connection. Wait for the modem to synch up before attempting to use the Internet.

2) Power down the modem. Some cable modems include power buttons while others require that the modem be unplugged to turn off power to the modem. Rebooting the modem is sometimes necessary to re-establish the network connection.

3) Reboot the computer. Operating system conflicts with the modem drivers may cause the modem to crash from time to time.
4) Reinstall the modem drivers. Use the installation CD furnished by the cable Internet service provider to reinstall the modem drivers and cable Internet software.

5) Contact the cable Internet service company if the modem still doesn't operate. The cable company may recommend replacing the modem.