Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Install a Router

If you are contemplating purchasing a router for your wired or wireless network or already own one, find out here to install a router. You will then be able to share an Internet connection and files within your home or business using this router.
1) Power on your computer. Remove contents from package if you have not done so already. Locate the installation poster, a CD and any instructions.

2) Place the router installation CD into your computer tray and start it up. Do not power on or connect the router to your computer at this point.

3) Follow the directions from the router CD that are displayed on your computer screen.

This may include typing in a series of numbers in your web browser address bar that look like: (depending on the router manufacturer).

4) Click the "next" button on the bottom when prompted as you complete the steps.

Connect the router to your modem and computer with the appropriate cables and power it on at the appropriate step (not before).

The one from the computer (usually a color) goes into your networking jack in the back of your computer and the other (grey/white) goes into your router in any of the jacks numbered 1-4. The color does not matter; it just keeps you from getting the connections confused.

If you need a diagram or further assistance, look at the poster that came with your router

5) Follow any additional steps the on the install screens. And, test the router to ensure it can access the Internet. This is the most important installation step.

6) Set up the security as needed and print out the security key page and store in a safe place. Take note of any passwords or settings you place on the router as well. This can include WEP or WPA key. You may wish to print out this information for the router and keep in a safe place.

7) Remove the router install CD from the drive once you have completed all the steps.

Leave the router powered on and attempt to access the Internet from your notebook computer or other computers on your network. Double-click Internet Explorer to get online.

8) Restart the computer if prompted. Be sure all the lights are on your router when it starts back up and you are able to access the Internet. If this functions properly, your router is installed properly.