Monday, February 7, 2011

Connect your Wii to a secure wireless network

Wii connected to an unsecured wireless network found very easy. Then if you try to connect to a secured wireless network that would be difficult sometimes. This article will show you what should you do to connect Wii to a secured router.


  1. Turn on your Wii, click the icon that looks like a house (home) on your Wii remote. Go to the settings icon and select network, select wireless and attempt to configure wireless connection #1. This is what I did first and couldn't seem to find my network. No matter what I changed nothing made it work.
  2. Looking back at the menus, I came across another that gave the option of making a new wireless connection, hmmmm try it and see. I clicked the button for the "New Connection #2" and whoopeee it saw my network router, which should have a unique name so you can identify it from the other routers transmitting in your neighborhood.
  3. Next it asked me for my SSID key which I typed in and hit "save" then I selected "test connection". This time it worked! If you have a DHCP server on your router then you probably won't have to change anything else. If you info about your ISP but don't know such as your default gateway or DNS servers. Go to the Commend Prompt and type "ipconfig/all" and hit enter. This will give you all the details about your network.