Friday, February 18, 2011

Video Chat Using AIM

One of the more popular platforms used for video conferencing is AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The software is intuitive and user friendly, allowing even those who aren't computer savvy to become proficient at video conferencing.

As technology has progressed and high-speed Internet connections have become readily available, video conferencing is becoming an increasingly popular form of communication.
You can do video chat by following by following these instructions.

  1. Set up the video camera and install the software that came with it. The camera should be placed in front of you so the camera captures your entire face. In the event that you have a video camera already built into your laptop you will just need to adjust the angle of the monitor to receive an ideal image.
  2. Go to the AOL website and install the latest version of AIM. The download and installation is self-explanatory and, when the process is complete, an AIM icon will appear on your desktop.
  3. Turn the video camera on and initiate the software. Usually this will result in a small video box appearing that displays whatever is in view of the camera. Adjust the camera so that your face is positioned correctly in the video box. Some programs will allow you to activate AIM through their software. If this is possible, activate AIM; otherwise see below.
  4. Click on the AIM icon to open the platform. Click on the “IM” icon half way down on the AIM screen. Send an instant message to your buddy and wait for their response. Once the person has replied and a connection has been established, the video conference can begin.
  5. Click on the icon that says “Video” Your buddy’s computer will display a dialogue box asking if he or she wants to engage in a video conference. After acceptance the offer, a second video box will appear. The smaller box will show your image, while the larger box will display your buddy's.
  6. You should now be able to participate in a video conference. Make any necessary adjustments, such as volume control or camera alignment. With finished conferencing with your buddy simply exit AIM.
Tips & Warnings
  1. Make sure there is enough lighting in the room; otherwise it will be difficult to see each other. Don’t make sudden, jerky movements because it will be more difficult for your buddy to see what you are doing.
  2. It is best to access AIM through the camera’s software. Sometimes, if AIM is used as the primary platform for video conferencing, features such as sound may not work properly.
  3. Yahoo messenger can be installed in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.