Monday, January 24, 2011

The Differences Between Parking & Activating a Domain Name

The terms "parking a domain name" and "activating a domain name" can get confused at times when talking about websites. It's a good idea to learn how to distinguish between the two.
When someone purchases a domain name and does not provide the name servers of the preferred hosting company, the domain name registrar will supply a Web page that states the website for the domain is under construction or contains advertising. This is called "parking a domain name."
Activating a domain name is another way of stating that the domain owner has provided a nameserver to the registar for hosting.
Website Content

An Internet user looking at a parked domain name will see a standard temporary Web page created by the domain name service stating that the domain has been purchased.

A user looking at a Web page of an activated domain name will view information stored at the hosting service used by the owner. The page holds content provided by the domain purchaser. This may be the purchaser's own "under construction" page.


If the domain name is parked through the domain name registrar, any money received from advertising will be split between the owner and the registrar.

Activated Web pages are eligible for any advertising for which the owner signs up, and monies earned are determined by the contract between the owner and the advertising company.