Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top 5 Tweaks to increase performance of opera

Opera Skins:
Most of you might like to have different, unique, eye candy opera skins. But the fact is some of these skins will slow down opera. I would suggest you’ll to stick with the default skin. You can select either Windows Native or the standard.

Remove unnecessary plugins:
Having too many plugins will slow down opera. Reduce unnecessary plugins. Type opera:plugins in the address bar, this will display a list of plugins that are currently installed.

      You can deactivate them by opening the file plugin-ignore.ini located in your Opera main directory and add the filename of the plugin that you want to disable.

Fraud protection:
Well this option will depend entirely on the user who uses it. In case you do know what you are doing then it’s fine to disable the fraud protection. But if you aren’t then forget this.

    If you want to disable you can do so by going to:
Preferences>Advanced>Security>Enable Fraud protection
Uncheck it to disable it.

Smooth scrolling:
Smooth scrolling looks really good but the fact is that some sites slow down opera when this feature is enabled. If you disable it the browsing speed will increase. You can do so by going to Preferences>Advanced>Browsing>Smooth scrolling. Just uncheck it to disable it.

Increasing the time of use of cached images:
Opera downloads and stores the images in your hard drive in order to enable faster browsing next time you start the browser. By default its set to 5 hours. You can increase it to 24hrs by going to:
Tools > Preferences>Advanced>History>Check images
Change it to check images after every 24 hours.