Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tech Updates: Opera Browser for Tablet PC's

      Browser-maker Opera Software is taking advantage of the tablet rage, Having already established its mobile browsers, Opera Mini (Opera Mini) and Opera Mobile, as the best alternatives to many built-in browsers in mobile devices, Opera (Opera) now seeks to do the same for tablets.

The new browser is shown running on an Android (Android) tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab; its capabilities include smooth panning and zooming, as well as a home screen with a grid displaying your most-visited websites.

The Opera approach to the Internet is regardless of how you access the Internet, you should have a great experi­ence. Opera Software has been enabling the best Internet experience on any device, and continues to channel the power of the Internet through countless connected devices, like the tablet. Tablets are a growing component of the multiscreen, device-agnostic Internet. Enabling convenience, mobility and easy content consumption, tablets are making their mark.

Features and benefit highlights

Bridge across devices

Opera works as a full web-standards-based browser engine to fit the tablet framework. Because Opera solutions are based on open standards and a single core technology, technical advances and feature additions pose no obstacles across devices.

Content is all

The tablet form factor was designed for multimedia content consumption. Tablets seize upon users’ voracious demand for multimedia content. Mobility and connectivity create the perfect convenience device to fit any manner of functionality (e.g., email, browsing, online services/apps, streaming video, social networking, home control center/hub, etc.). Opera solutions for tablets recognize that content is king, acting as a web-application platform, employing cross-platform UI technology, offering a full browser and touch-optimized user interface.

Cross-device innovation

Tablets provide an opportunity to differentiate/create a niche in a competitive device space without significantly increasing development costs. Opera’s cross-platform, cross-device reusability enables development and time-to-market savings as you add new devices to your line-up.

Create multiscreen experiences

Capture users’ screen time and loyalty on more devices. With Opera for tablets, you can bundle services and devices together to build your relationships with customers and make their access to content across devices more convenient.