Friday, January 14, 2011

Epic Browser

The Epic browser is the first web browser for India which is the software product of the company called as 'Hidden Reflex'. This is a Bangalore based software company.
The Epic browser has built in anti virus capability. It is very essential to have a safe browser now a days. The Epic browser allows you to browse the internet faster and safer.

This is a free browser which is currently available for Windows operating system. Very soon they may release the version for other operating systems. Epic is the India's first web browser which is giving a free anti virus for the users. This browser can be installed within few minutes.

The Epic browser works very fast. This browser opens the web sites at lightning speed. You can check it your self by downloading it. This browser is based on open source software technology.

There are many features available in Epic borwser. You can browse the files in your computer as well as see live cricket scores, and one more thing is that you can type in any indian language. This browser has excellent security, and gives warnings about malicious websites.

Here are the various features of Epic browser.

1.Epic Skins
Epic comes with a variety of skins available hard to find anywhere else. You will love all of them and all categories of skin. The skins include a number of categories like religion; natural; politicians and much more. Again there is option to make your own custom theme.As the Epic is developed for Indins most of the skins are based on interest of Indians.One unique feature I must mention here is that when you want to see a skin just point on that skin;there is no need to apply it for seeing.Isn't it great ?

2.Social networking
Epic comes with direct links for all the popular social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter .This saves a lot of time of the user and prevents unnecessary logging to these sites everytime.
Now since these social networking websites are becoming very much popular these days in India too this is a very useful feature.
So what are you waiting for download epic and start orkutting or twitting.

3.Backup feature
The Epic backup feature provides backup to all your important documents or files to your gmail id. This is a very useful feature as it provides security to your documens and helps you to remain content.
To use this feature you just need to have a gmail id.

4.Epic Video
While browsing on Epic you can now also watch videos on Epic. You can also create playlist of your favorite songs as it will save your time.It is also a cool feature for cool guys.

5.Epic AntiVirus
Now coming to a unique feature of Epic it comes with an inbuilt antivirus ESET antivirus .Are you thinking of another such browser than stop thinking.It is the first browser with such facility of inbuit antivirus.
So when you browse internet using Epic you need not worry of online safety at all too.Moreover you can also use the antivirus to scan your system for viruses and to remove them.

6.Epic Phishing protection
Now a days phishing has become very common and can cause some serious problems too.But Epic comes with a solution of this problem. Epic comes with a phishing filter powered by WOT.

7.Epic My Computer
Epic My Computer is another unique feature in Epic that allows you to get access to all your files and folders inside your computer. You need not minimize the browser and then open my computer and then see all the files there .Don't you find it easy ?

8.Most Visited Website
Epic also stores the most visited websites just like all other bowsers like chrome and safari.It tells you
which sites you visited most ;so you can select one of them preventing the need to type them again and saving your time.

9.Epic Browser speed
The speed of Epic browser is also very impressive .It opens web pages in seconds .Thus we can say that it nowhere lags behind fast web browsers like Mozilla or chrome so far as speed is concerned.
The browser is built on the Firefox platform which is a open source and because of this the browser is super fast and helps you in accessing webpages at lightening speed.

10.Type in Indian Languages
A great feature in Epic is that now you can type in many Indian languages including Hindi. Just turn on the Indic Language feature and you are ready to type in your favourite language .This makes it easier for Indians and that is why Epic is correctly referred as first Indian browser.

11.Epic add-ons
A number of addons are available in Epic to improve your browsing experience.These addons include Adobe Acrobat, Google Earth, Google Update, iTunes Application, Java, Picasa, QuickTime Plug-in, Shockwave Flash and much more.
This is a nice feature and provides a good experience to the user.

12.Videos options
The video option in Epic browser allows you to watch your favourite videos on youtube. This saves your time as now you need not to go to the youtube website everytime. To use the video option click YouTube Search button ;search the video and select the video you want to download .Finally select Append to Playlist button.

13.Ad blocker
The ad blocker feature in Epic web browser helps to block irritating ads .This ensures a comfortable browser experience. Moreover since the ads are blocked it also helps to prevent internet usage.

14.Word Processing
A very useful feature in Epic browser is word processing.This will help you to create word documents without any need of any other word processing software.

15.Privacy in Epic
Epic browser also provides good privacy feature to the epic users .One can easily delete all the history, cookies and temporary files just with a single click in Epic browser.
Moreover you can also go for private surfing that will not store any webpages visited thereafter.
So many great features and you are still waiting. Download Epic and enjoy this amazing browser.

Anti-virus support

The main problem with any web browser is the security issue, as some browsers are not enough capable of controlling the virus and the other malicious matter and causes the problem in hardware or in the software.
On the other hand Epic browser provides automatic periodic scan that will capable of finding the malicious matter and also provides the way to remove them from the computer system as it consists of in-built support for the anti-virus protection.

How to download the Epic browser?

Firstly try to open the home page of the Epic browser website and all you have to do is to double click on the on the "run" for the execution of the setup file and the you are asked to install the Epic browser by either clicking on Yes or by clicking on Next button and follow the additional steps to complete the formalities.