Friday, January 21, 2011

Error: "Cannot Access Shared Folders Remotely"

Once you share a folder over your home network, every computer connected to the network should be able to access the folder. If you're trying to access a remote folder and are getting a Cannot Access Shared Folders Remotely message in Windows, this means that the computer that the folder is stored on is configured incorrectly. To fix this, adjust the settings of the computer that houses the files.

  1. Turn on the computer that has the folders you're attempting to access remotely.
  2. Click "Start."
  3. Click "Control Panel."
  4. Open the "Network and Sharing Center" and select the "Change Advanced Sharing Settings" option.
  5. Click "Turn on Network Discovery." Scroll down farther into the list of options and click "Turn on File and Printer Sharing." Under "Public Folder Sharing," click "Turn on Sharing." Click "Save Changes." You will now be able to access the folders on this computer remotely over your network.