Friday, January 14, 2011

How to clear browsing history in Opera

Take precautionary measures with Opera when it comes to your history, as allowing a large amount of content to build up can slow down the software. Also, as your Web history shows every site you've visited in the past few days, it can compromise your privacy if you're on a shared computer. Luckily, you can erase your history in Opera whenever you would like.

1. Navigate up to the top drop-down menus and click on 'Tools' if you're using a Windows system. Then scroll down the list and click on 'Preferences.' For Mac users, click on 'Opera' at the top left corner of your screen, scroll down through the choices until you reach 'Preferences' and click on it.

2.Look to see if the 'Advanced' tab is open. If not, click on it to continue with the process. Next, simply click on the 'History' link located on the left side of the window. Mac and Windows users can both follow this step.

3.Move your mouse to the 'clear' button, click it and then click on the 'Ok' button in the lower right area of the box. All of your history will now be erased (this goes for both Mac and Windows-based computers.)

4.Double-check to make sure your history is cleared. Click on the 'History' link. There should be no sites listed.