Thursday, January 13, 2011

Firefox Running Slow? Make It Fast Again Without Re-Installation.

After most people install Firefox, they keep adding so many extensions and , themes which, for some reason, slows down the speed of Firefox.You might have tried various methods such as uninstalling the extensions, some themes, some cases the toolbars, removed temporary files stored in the computer etc., still you will find the same, slow speed of Firefox. It is a problem nobody could find out the reason why.
JJust follow these simple steps and your Firefox will look faster than ever before.

Step 1:
First export all your bookmarks to a folder because we will need them later.
Go to Bookmarks --> Organize Bookmarks --> File --> Export.
By this step you will save the bookmarks, which you can retrieve later for your new Firefox Profile.
Step 2:
Go to Start --> Run --> Type “Firefox –P” or as shown below in the picture..

Step 3:
Click the “Create Profile” button, while keeping your old profile intact (usually it is called default), so if you don’t like the new profile you can revert back to your old one easily. Make a new profile with “Create Profile” button and then click “Start Profile”.

That’s it, your Firefox will be turbocharged and the speed of your browsing will be obvious with this solution. Now to get all your bookmarks again do the same as you did in Step 1, except for the last one.
Go to Bookmarks --> Organize Bookmarks --> File --> Import.
You may have also made changes in the Firefox Dictionary, if you have added a number of words, then you copy “persdict.dat” word list file from your old profile (check the Program Files – Mozilla Folder) and copy it into your new profile name.
One disadvantage is there will be no Fox add ons, so you have to reinstall the favorite ones again, but at least you can install only the ones you need most.
This new profile will make the Firefox faster and it won’t occupy your CPU too much so the computer won’t crash.
Again if you don’t like the one or still want to access your old one just do the following and click the old profile (default) and will revert back to older version.
Go to Start --> Run --> Type “Firefox –P”
Everything will be intact.