Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tech Updates: Opera Browser 11 officially released

  The Opera has now pushed their desktop browser one more, up to 11. In addition to security and stability enhancements, Opera 11 includes new and improved features. As is the measure of all good browsers these days, Opera 11 is fast thanks to advancements in the various engines it uses.

While tabs are a pretty common among Opera’s competitors, a new enhancement called tab stacking isn’t. Tab stacking allows users to create groups of tags by dragging one tab over another which will allow dozens of websites to remain open and within reach. Browsing those websites has also been made easier by Opera 11 thanks to an enhancement called visual mouse gestures. Holding down the right mouse button will display a guide which allows a user to browse using gestures which address commands including stop, forward, back and “open in new tab”.

Not only has Opera 11 made browsing easier, but safer thanks to an improved address field. The field hides the complexity of long web address and provides more security information. Users wanting to learn more about a website’s security need only to click on the badge for the website.

Other goodies include the addition of extensions which may create a click-able button or menus while some simply do their magic in the background. An extension catalog is provided by Opera which allows users to install the ones they want at their leisure.

Finally, a new built-in mail client within the browser means no need to click out of the Opera browser to access your email. A mail panel is accessible when you want to check your mail and can be hidden when you don’t.