Friday, January 21, 2011

How to Spoof Your IP

Your IP address acts like your computer's online virtual address while you surf the Web. Software that views IP addresses (such as that used by some message boards) will display yours to know who you are.
Sometimes hackers can use your IP address to track you and find where you live. If you are tired of people tracking you via your IP address, one option is to get a "spoof" (fake) IP address.

  1. Launch your favorite Web browser.Search for a proxy service that you'd like to use to spoof your IP address (see "Resources" for a few sample proxy services).
  2. Access the proxy site you want to use to spoof your IP address.
  3. Enter in your destination website in the box provided on the proxy site.
  4. Hit "Enter," and the proxy will take you to the site you entered, all the while spoofing your IP address to anyone who tries to view it.