Friday, January 28, 2011

Fixing MagicJack.

While magicJack's monetary benefits are indisputable, its value does not protect it from the delicate nature of small electronics. At times when users are not able to connect to their computers, the troubleshooting options can range from simply unplugging and plugging the component back in to replacing the component entirely.
Verify Connections.

Verify that your computer or computer network connections are not blocking the magicJack from connecting. Work-issued computers or computers connected to workplace networks my have restrictions that can only be lifted by the corporate administrator. Try connecting to another computer not regulated by these limitations.
Self Troubleshooting

Inspect your magicJack to verify the USB connection is not bent or broken. If your computer is not recognizing your magicJack, unplug the magicJack, wait 15 seconds and plug the magicJack back into the USB port. Also, try the different USB ports on your computer; the individual USB port could be the issue. If the computer still does not recognize the component, restart your computer.

Product Support

MagicJack technical support is available 24 hours a day. If you have verified your connections, gone through the steps of self troubleshooting and your computer does not recognize your magicJack component, contact the company for product support.


MagicJack offers a warranty upon purchase, and many of their vendors offer in-store warranties. If your computer is not recognizing the magicJack, it may need to be replaced.