Saturday, January 22, 2011

404 error!!

Many parents prevent harm to their children by blocking certain dangerous websites, and employers block websites to increase productivity in the workplace. The blocking of websites can be set at the wireless modem level, which is one of the most secure methods to block a site. Internet browsers display a 404 error or "page cannot be displayed" message once websites are blocked on the wireless modem.


Confirm that the latest firmware and driver updates are installed for your wireless modem. The firmware of a piece of hardware is necessary to ensure that all the features of that hardware are working correctly and properly, which is why updating or installing the latest firmware versions is crucial to allowing the blockage of websites in your wireless router or modem.
The latest firmware and driver software can be downloaded on the manufacturer's support page of your wireless modem.
Configuration Page

To block certain websites from your wireless modem and prevent access, you will need to go to your wireless modem's configuration page on the Internet. For the majority of home wireless modems, the default Internet page address is either "" or ""
The default username and password is often just "admin," but you will need to check with your modem's owner's manual.
Blocking Websites

Look for the access or parental control settings section on your wireless modem's configuration pages and enter the necessary information to block the websites you want restricted on your network. Not all wireless modems will have the same procedures for blocking websites so refer to the manufacturer's owner's manual or help guide for assistance.

In a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, websites can be blocked in the "Access Restrictions" page. To successfully block a website, set a policy name and number and type in the full address of the website you want blocked in the website blocking section.

Be prepared to type in the computer's physical or MAC address to set which computers will be denied access to certain websites. Don't forget to finish the process by saving your settings on the configuration page of your wireless modem.