Monday, March 28, 2011

Block Ads in Chrome in Mac

Google Chrome finally came to Mac OS X, but it was missing one key feature - ad blocking software! This article will show you how to install the browser's ad blocking software even if you're using a version of chrome that doesn't allow extensions. 
  1. Initial versions of the browser don't allow extensions. Without them, you won't be able to access the ad blocking software. If you know for certain that your version doesn't allow them you could grab the new build of chromium for Mac. You can find it at You may optionally want to rename Chromium to Google Chrome when you install it so it will overwrite the old version.
  2. Before you go to install the ad blocking software you may need to re-enable the install button for mac chrome extensions. You can find a javascript bookmarklet to fix this issue at Follow the instructions and drag the bookmarklet into your bookmarks bar.
  3. With the pre-emptive steps out of the way, you can now head to the plug-in site ( to browse for ad blocking software. Just run a search for adblock. There's several options for ad blocking software; I recommend clicking AdBlock Chromium.
  4. When the ad blocking software page loads, you'll see a big "Install" button. If it's greyed out you can click the Enable bookmarklet you made (in step 2) to make the install button clickable.
  5. Click the blue Instal button. You'll be asked if you want to install the ad blocking software. Tell it of course you do! A few seconds later everything will be loaded and ready to go. You can set additional options by going to Window in the menuabar and clicking "Extensions". This window will also allow you to disable or uninstall the ad blocking software.