Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Disable an Access Point on a Belkin Wireless G Router

A Belkin Wireless G router offers port forwarding options to open an access point to a server. For instance, if you host a Web server on your network, you must open an access point that directs Internet traffic to the Web server. When you no longer host an online application, securing your network means disabling this access point. Disabling an access point is accomplished in the router console.

1). Click "Start" on a computer connected to the Belkin router setup. Select your Web browser from the Start Menu. You can use Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome to connect to the router.

2). Type the IP address to the router in your browser's address bar. The default IP address for a Belkin router is "" Press "Enter" to open the router's console.

3). Click the "Virtual Servers" link on the left panel of the main router dashboard. This opens a list of ports opened on the router. By default, a router blocks all ports.

4). Remove the check-mark in the "Enabled" box next to the access point you want to disable. You can disable several ports at one time by removing each check-mark next to the access port you want to disable.

5). Click "Save" to save your router's changes. The port is disabled immediately, so users are no longer able to access the server from the Internet after the changes are saved.