Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Install The Google Voice

Google just added what they called "Voice and Video Chat" in your Gmail account. So if you want to talk using video chat online inside your Gmail box then this is the time to try. It is free and quick installation online according to Google.

Follow these instructions to install Google voice in your computer.
  1. Log in to your Gmail account and look for the new product that being added "voice and video chat".
  2. Prepare your webcam and install the free Voice and Video Chatting software. You need your windows XP or IE 6 or Google Chrome browser too.
  3. If you know more about this new way of chatting using gmail, try to visit the official website "Google dot com".
  4. You might need to see the camera icon before you can make a call or video chat with them. This is actually just about the same with Yahoo messenger.
  5. According to Google that the Logitech quick camera or web cam is the best cam for the voice and video chat program. But if you already have one, then don't bother spending more money just for that if you care about savings.