Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Delete Google's Input History.

If you have a user account or GMail email address, Google keeps track of every search you input into its search engine as long as you're logged in. Though this can be helpful if you ever need to quickly refer back to something, it could also lead to privacy concerns if you leave your account logged in on a public computer. Go through the "Settings" page on your Google account to delete your user name's input history.

This article will help you to delete Google's search history.


1 Open your Web browser.

2 Go to and click "Sign In" to log into your user account.

3 Click on the "Settings" button followed by the "Google Account Settings" button to load your Google account's "Settings" page.

4 Click on "View Data Stored with this Account."

5 Scroll down to the "Web History" portion of the page and click "Remove Items or Clear Web History." Click on "Clear Entire Web History" from the page that loads to delete Google's entire input history record that is associated with your account.