Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Disable Ad Blocking

Serving up advertisements on websites is one of the most popular ways for sites to earn money. Some advertisements are extremely flashy, loud and otherwise annoying. For this reason, ad blocking browser extensions have become quite popular. 
Certain Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) allow users to create their own add-ons, extending the capabilities of the browser. Ad blocking extensions are some of the most popular.

If your browser has an ad blocking extension and you wish to disable it, you can easily do so via the browser's extension manager.

This article will help you to disable Ad blocking.

1 Open Firefox. Select "Tools > Add-ons" from the menu bar.

2 Click the "Extensions" tab.

3 Select the ad blocker from the list of installed extensions. Click "Uninstall."

4 Restart Firefox (Quit and reopen) to have the changes take effect.

Google Chrome

1 Open Google Chrome. Select "Window > Extensions" from the menu bar.

2 Locate the ad blocker extension in the list of extensions.

3 Click "Disable" to turn the ad blocker off. Click "Uninstall" to completely remove the extension. The changes will take effect immediately