Saturday, April 2, 2011

Import and Export Bookmarks from Firefox

Bookmarks are links to websites that make it easy to get back to your favorite places . This Article will help new Firefox users to learn how to Import and export bookmarks from Firefox.


  1. From the Firefox browser, click on on the "Bookmarks" menu located at the top of the window. Next, click on the "Organize Bookmarks" option.
  2. This brings you to a separate window which lists all existing bookmarks (favorite websites). From the File menu at the top, you have the option to Import and Export.
  3. If you need to import external bookmarks and merge them into Firefox, do so by clicking "Import" from the File menu. This allows you to import your favorites from Internet Explorer, or just an existing file you had saved in the past. Choose the desired option, and hit "Next" to search for your bookmarks. When done, click "Finish."
  4. If you need to externally save existing Firefox bookmarks, click on the "Export" option from the File menu. Once you choose a save destination, you're all set.