Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fix the Firefox Proxy Server Connection

In some cases, your service provider or your place of work will need you to set your proxy server settings to be able to surf the web. A proxy server acts as a gatekeeper server between you and the web. At times, it is used as a security feature to control the flow of content from and to your computer. If you make an error or you are informed to change these connection settings, you can easily go into your Firefox browser to manipulate the proxy settings.

This article will help you to fix the Firefox Proxy Server Connection.

  1. Start your Firefox browser.

  2. Hit "Tools" on the main menu bar. Scroll down and click "Options."

  3. Select the "Advanced" tab and select the "Network" tab within the window.

  4. Hit the "Settings" button corresponding to "Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet."

  5. Manipulate the proxy settings in the window that appears. This depends on your network.

  6. Hit the "OK" button when you are finished changing your proxy settings. Restart your browser.