Friday, April 1, 2011

Delete Your Web History in Firefox

In just one day of browsing the Internet, you can accumulate quite a lot of Web history. This accumulation can sometimes weigh down the software and cause it to not perform more slowly than you'd like. There is an easy way to delete all of your Web history information and even limit the number of days the browser will store the names and URLs of Web sites you've visited.

This article will help you to delete your web history in Firefox

Configure Your History Settings
  1. Open the Firefox browser. Mac users will select Tools from the top menu list, and Windows users will select Tools. Select Options for Windows and Preferences for Macs.
  2. Click on the Privacy icon. The first option listed allows you to set the number of days for which you want Firefox to remember the Web pages you've visited.
  3. Type in the number of days for which you want your history saved. You may also elect to have Firefox remember what you enter in forms and the search bar, as well as remember what you've downloaded. Windows users should then click on the 'Ok' button to lock in the new changes, while Mac users need only close the preferences box to save the new information.

Delete Your Web History in Firefox
  1. Re-open the Options (Windows) or Preferences (Mac) box and click on the Privacy icon.
  2. Hit the 'Clear Now' button located in the Private Data section. A new box will open with multiple options for clearing your history.
  3. Check any or all of the boxes that will delete your Web history. You can choose to delete cookies, cache and browsing history.
  4. Press the 'Clear Private Data Now' button to delete all of your Web history.