Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Delete a Bookmark in Mozilla Firefox

Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox are a great tool to organize and easily access your favorite web pages. As user friendly and easy to create as they are, there may come the need to remove a bookmark that you have added to Mozilla Firefox. 

This article will help you to delete a bookmark in Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Go to "Bookmarks" tab. The list of bookmark titles are located at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

  3. Highlight the bookmark that you want to delete. From there, you will right-click on it.

  4. Select "Delete" in the drop-down box. Click on it, and this should remove that web page. If you accidentally delete the wrong one, you can retrieve it by going to the "Bookmarks" tab and then "Organize Bookmarks." You would then highlight the deleted bookmark and press "Ctrl Z."
Tips and Warnings!!
  1. The Internet does not have to be connected in order to delete a bookmark. This action can be done off-line.
  2. Copies of your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks are automatically backed up if you are using a version of Firefox 1.5 and up. These bookmark copies are located in a folder titled "bookmarkbackups." These can be accessed in the Firefox profiles directory. Should you need to replace a bookmark that has been lost, all you have to do is copy the backup file to the profile folder and title it "bookmarks.html."