Friday, April 1, 2011

Download Firefox 3.0 via FTP XP

This article will tell you how to download Firefox via FTP when internet explore is not allow to access the internet.

  1. Click in on "START" and then "RUN".

  2. Once the run box comes up you will see where is says 'Type the name of a program, folder, document or internet resource and windows will open it for you.' In the open field type "FTP"

  3. Then hit "ENTER" Key or Click on "OK" button. Then the a black screen also know as the command window saying 'Connected to / - files are in /pub/ User ('

  4. It 'User (' type "anonymous" then hit "ENTER" KEY

  5. You will get message saying '331 Please specify the password.' At "Password:" type in your email address then hit "ENTER" KEY

  6. You will get message saying '230 Login successful.' Next at 'ftp>' type "HASH" then hit "ENTER" KEY

  7. You will get message saying 'Hash mark printing On ftp:(2048 bytes/hash mark).' At ftp prompt type "cd /pub/" then hit "ENTER" KEY (It must be a capital US for in en-US)

  8. You will get message saying '250 Directory successfully changed. ftp>" type "BINARY" then hit "ENTER" KEY

  9. You will get message saying '200 Switching to Binary mode. ftp' Then type "lcd c:\" then hit "ENTER" KEY

  10. You will get message saying 'Local directory now C:\. ftp>'. Then type "mget *.exe" then hit "ENTER" KEY

  11. Windows Firewall may come up. If it does click on unblocked. It will then say 'mget Firefox Setup 3.0.exe?'. Then type "yes" at the of that line.

  12. A bunch on ## will appear. With message saying '00 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV. 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for Firefox Setup 3.0.exe

  13. When finished it will say '226 File send OK. ftp: ....." This mean the file has been download to local drive C:\

  14. At the ftp prompt type "EXIT". This close out the command window.

  15. Click on "Start" button and then "My computer".

  16. Next click on "(C:)". May say labeled 'Local Disk' (C:).

  17. Then double click on "Firefox Setup". Next just do the normal Firefox install.