Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to Check Port Status On Cisco Switch

Cisco Switch is a networking equipment used to connect multiple networking devices such as computers, network printers, WIFI (Access Point), VOIP Phones, ETC., to the Fast Ethernet port of the switch. When troubleshooting a network connection problem, it is essential to find out the status of a port where the device is connected, to determine whether the port is up, down, disabled or had an error. 

This article will help you to check port status on cisco switch.

  1. Connect to the switch by using the telnet command on windows command prompt, or by using terminal emulator software such as putty. You can download this application for free at this location,
  2. Once you've established connection with the switch, type-in the login password and then type the command "enable" then the enable password.
  3. On the command prompt, type-in the following cisco commands:
  4. To show the status of all ports on a switch:
    Show Interfaces Status
  5. To show the status of a specific port on a switch:
    Show Interfaces FastEthernet 0/1
Tips and Warnings! 
  1. Hit the space key when you see --more-- , after issuing the command, this is to show the rest of the port information.
  2. The following command will work on 12.x Cisco IOS version or later release version.