Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Find DNS Server

DNS stands for domain name system and it is used to resolve names to IP addresses. DNS is most commonly used on the internet to resolve domain names like www.mydomain.com to an IP address. When you type in a URL there is a DNS server somewhere that tells your computer what IP address to go to. Follow these steps to find a DNS server.

  1. Click start, run and type - cmd. Press Enter
  2. when the command prompt window opens type - ipconfig /all and press enter
  3. The command will return a bunch of information. Locate the line that says DNS server . . . To the right you will see an IP address for your DNS server.
  4. If your DNS server is set statically you can also go to your desktop, right click on my network places and select properties.
  5. Next right click on the Network interface that is active and select properties.
  6. Double click on the Internet protocol TCP/IP properties.
  7. A Window will open that will display your IP address and DNS settings.