Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Set Your IP Address to Automatic

If you have just bought a new modem, a new wireless router, or if you are having trouble with your internet connection, you may need to set your IP address to automatic. Once your router and modem are connected properly, try opening your internet browser. If your home page does not appear, there are a few things you can do without having to call technical support. The first thing to do is check your TCP/IP or Internet Protocol settings.

This article will help you to set your IP address to automatic.

  1. Open up your "Network Connections". Go to the start up menu. If you are in the classic view, click on "Network Connections". If you are using the Category view, click on "Network and Internet Connections"
  2. Are you using a wireless or wired (LAN) connection? Whichever connection you are using, determine the appropriate connection.
  3. Right click on the appropriate connection. Choose "Properties."
  4. Under the general tab, scroll down the menu box and select "Internet Protocol." Click on the properties button.
  5. Set the options to automatic.