Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Manage Popups With Safari?

Whether it is an advertisement for the latest video game system, or simply just a Web page that you didn't open yourself, popups can be one of the most annoying things about surfing the Internet. But in rare cases, popup windows may contain important information from a legitimate Web site that you may want to access. In order to make sure that they don't miss any important information you can either block or allow popup windows, depending on the circumstances.

This article will help you to manage popups with Safari.

  1. Open up your Safari Web browser.
  2. Go to the Safari menu and choose 'Preferences' from the list of choices.
  3. Click on the Security heading.
  4. Check the box marked 'Block pop-up windows' if you would like Safari to block all popups.
    Safari will then ask if you would really like to change the setting.
  5. Click on the 'OK' button in order to change the setting.
  6. Click on the box again, so it does not have a check mark, if you want Safari to allow popup windows.
  7. Close the Preferences windows after you are done changing settings.
  8. Shut down and restart Safari.
Manage Popups on the Fly
  1. Go to the Safari menu and choose the option 'Block Pop-Up windows' from the pull down menu. A check mark should appear the next time you open up the Safari menu.
  2. Click on the button again in order to disable the Block Pop-Up Windows function. The check mark will then disappear.
  3. Enable or disable the Block Pop-Up windows function as you see fit.