Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Access a Remote VMware Server

VMware Server, previously known as VMware GSX Server, is a server virtualization program developed and released by the VMware comany. First released in 2006, VMware server has undergone various upgrades. Currently, individuals with VMware Server can activate its client-server system to access a remote VMware Server. Learn how to access a remote VMware Server to modify and edit server systems when you are at home or away from your office.

This article will help you to Access a Remote VMware Server.

  1. Launch the VMware Server Console on your computer from within the VMware Server screen. The console is automatically installed when you first installed VMware Server. If you chose not to install it at that time, you can download it from the VMware website (see "Resources" below). VMware Server Console must be open and running to access a remote VMware Server.
  2. Install the VMware Server Web interface. In the first page of the installation process, click "Custom."
  3. Check the box next to "VMware Management Interface." Click "Next."
  4. Wait for VMware server to check if you have the Microsoft IIS Web server installed. This process may take several minutes. If you do not have it installed, the VMware server installation setup will stop and you will need to install it. Click the "Start" menu in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and select "Settings." Double-click the Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs." Scroll down the list and click "Windows Components." After selecting "IIS," click "OK."
  5. Launch the web browser of your choice (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). Type the name of the remote VMware Server that you wish to access(e.g."http://yourservername:8222https://yourservername:8333"). The VMware Server Web interface will then appear and you can manipulate and access the remote VMware Server as you wish