Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Find a NetBIOS Domain Name

NetBIOS (Network Basic Input Output System) is a Microsoft network protocol that enables computers with a local network to exchange information such as computer and domain names. NetBIOS information is also used by computers to find other computers on the network that are running NetBIOS services. Finding the NetBIOS domain name of a computer is important when troubleshooting workgroup and domain connectivity issues between computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system.

This article will help you to find NetBIOS domain name.

  1. Click the globular start button, and then select the "Search" box. Type "cmd" in the "Search" box, and then right-click the command prompt icon that appears in the upper-left pane.
  2. Click "Run as Administrator" in the menu that appears. The command line window will appear.
  3. Type "nbtstat --n" and press the "Enter" key. The domain name for the computer is listed in the same row with the "DOMAIN" entry in the "Type" column, located immediately below the computer name.