Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clear Google Chrome Cache

There are a few reasons to why you should clear Google chrome cache. Clearing cache regularly can protect privacy and free up space on your PC. Web sites are continually updating so if you notice that the cached web pages are not loading correctly most likely the cache needs to be cleared. New web pages will load slowly the first time you revisit the site but the increase in speed will be greater once the site has been cached again.

This article will help you to clear Google Chrome Cache.Instructions
  1. Once you have opened Google chrome web browser find the tools menu. This is a wrench icon located in the upper right corner. Click on it and it will bring a drop down box. Select "Options"
  2. Then next window has a couple of tabs. Select "Under the Hood"
  3. Next select "Clear browsing data" , this will bring up the next menu, some think this clears the browsing data, but not to worry the next menu gives the options of what kind of browsing data to remove.
  4. In the next menu, check the "Empty the cache" and uncheck any of the other boxes that don't apply, because we only want to clear the cache at this time.
  5. In the "Clear data from this period" drop down box "everything" clears all the cache for a fresh start.
  6. Click the Clear browsing data. After it is finished close and restart Google chrome. Remember loading is slightly slow the first time you visit your favorite web pages but now you have a clean fresh up to date cache of the website.