Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hide IP Address in Chrome

If you want to mask or hide your Internet protocol address, you can do so with a proxy server. Proxy servers are computers which connect you to the various Internet services that you require. Once set up, your computer will connect to the Internet via your proxy server, instead of directly to the Internet. Proxy server settings are set up within your Web browser. Google Chrome has various options to help set up your proxy server details for home browsing.

  1. Find a proxy server to use. Proxy servers are typically subscription services that charge a monthly or weekly rate. You can find these by going to a list such as SamAir's Proxy List. Once you have subscribed to a proxy server, make a list of your details for connection.
  2. Open Google Chrome by clicking on "Start," "All Programs" and then Google Chrome. Click the Tools button on the task bar, and then click "Options." Click the "Under the hood" tab to launch advanced settings.
  3. Click "Change proxy settings," and then click "LAN settings."
  4. Click "Use a proxy server for your LAN" and then enter the IP address of your proxy server into "Address" and the "Port" to your given port address. Click "OK," and then "OK" again to finish setting up a proxy.