Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Find Domain Controller Name

A domain controller is a Windows computer that controls the permissions and devices on the network. It is the main, central server that administrators use to control the configurations of the entire network. Just like any Windows computer, you find the domain controller's name in the system settings. This makes it easy for a new administrator who is familiar with only desktops to quickly find Windows settings on a domain controller as well.

This article will help you to find domain controller name of your computer.

  1. Click the Windows server's "Start" button and right-click the "Computer" icon. Select "Properties" in the list of menu items. This opens a new system properties window.

  2. View the information in the "Computer Name" section. This is your domain controller's domain name information.

  3. Click the "Change" button. This opens a new dialog window. This allows you to change the domain controller's name. If you don't want to change the name, click the "Cancel" button and close the Properties window.