Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turn Off Plug-Ins

The Internet browser Mozilla Firefox can be started up in "Safe Mode," which is commonly used to fix any software issues on your browser. While you are in Safe Mode, you can disable or add apps and plug-ins that are causing problems. If you try to turn off plug-ins while the browser is in its regular browsing mode, the changes may not work. Safe Mode allows you to quickly and easily change your browser settings.

This article will help you to turn off Plug-Ins in Safe Mode.

  1. Shut down the Firefox browser if you have it open.
  2. Go to "Start > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox." Right-click on the Firefox icon and select "Safe Mode." A small box will pop up with several settings that you can change.
  3. Click on the box that says "Disable All Add-Ons" to turn off the plug-ins.
  4. Click "Make Changes and Restart" to save your settings. The Firefox browser will open with the plug-ins disabled, but not uninstalled.