Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Enlarge the font size on Firefox

Do you want to make the text bigger on websites? It's a frustrating challenge to read online text that is too small. About 1 out of 4 people have vision problems or wear glasses or bifocals, but some websites are designed with no thought of visual accessibility issues. If you use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer for Windows, you can increase the font size in your browser. Listed below, from easiest to most complex, are ways to make online text bigger.

This article will help you to enlarge the font size on Firefox.

  1. Zoom using shortcut keys.

    Open your browser and visit a web page. While you hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard, press + or - to zoom in or out. To get back to where you started, hold Ctrl and press the 0 (zero) button to reset the screen to its original size.
  2. Zoom using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

    While holding the Ctrl button, turn the scroll wheel on your mouse. You may need to play with this zoom feature to get the hang of it. Try it in other programs besides your web browser, too. If you see a little circle-shaped arrow on your screen, click on the scroll wheel once to deactivate it, then try the Ctrl scroll wheel zoom feature again.
  3. Use the zoom bar.

    Internet Explorer version 7 and later offers a built-in zoom bar, located on the bottom right corner of the browser window. Look for a tiny magnifying glass with 100% next to it. Click on the tiny down pointing arrow, and select the magnification you want.
  4. In IE, change the text size on the View menu.

    On the menu bar in Internet Explorer, select View, and then Text Size. If you can't see a menu bar in IE, press the Alt key to make it visible. If changing the text size this way has no effect on the web page you are viewing, try one of the other options in this article.
  5. Change the accessibility options in your browser.

    In both IE and Firefox, you can change the browser options so that text does not shrink below a certain size. This is done on the Tools menu. Again, if the menu bar is hidden in IE, press the Alt key to make it visible.
  6. To change user options in Internet Explorer:

    In IE, choose Tools - Internet Options - Accessibility. Check the box in front of "Ignore font sizes specified on web pages."
  7. To change user options in Mozilla Firefox:

    In Firefox, choose Tools - Options - Content. Then, under Fonts & Colors, choose Advanced. Select a minimum font size.