Saturday, May 28, 2011

Clear passwords in IE

This article will show you how to erase stored passwords when logging into a web site or other password requiring sites. You can also use this article to disable the autocomplete option that saves the passwords while still leaving the autocomplete for forms and other information that is readily entered. This is helpful when a computer is used by many people and not just you.

This article will help you to clear passwords in IE6.

  1. In IE (Internet Explorer 6), Choose "Tools" -> Click on "Internet Options" -> Choose "Content" Tab -> Click "AutoComplete" button in the "Personal information" field. This step may vary with different versions of IE. These steps can be applied to most versions of IE.

  2. In the "Clear AutoComplete history" field, Click on "Clear Passwords".
  3. If you would not like AutoComplete to autocomplete your entries, you can also uncheck the items you wish not to autocomplete. Some of these items are passwords, web addresses, forms all under the "Use AutoComplete for" field. 
Tips and Warnings
  1. Make sure to surf to the sites you normally visit to make an assessment of what passwords should be cleared.
  2. Make sure to write down the passwords you might have forgotten.
  3. Make a back up of your passwords/computer.
  4. Make these changes at your own risk