Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upload in Google Images

Google Images is a collection of pictures found on the web. When you do a search for a particular picture, such as a "cardinal," Google searches the web for pictures that meet that description and in just a few moments typically displays thousands of pictures it has found much like the search engine provides you with website results when you do a traditional search. Getting your pictures into Google Images is very easy to do, in fact you may already have some pictures showing up in Google Images without you even knowing it.

This article will help you to upload photos in Google images

  1. Name your picture something that someone might type into a search engine. For instance if you have a picture of a blue soccer ball you might want to label the photo "Blue Soccer Ball.jpg."
  2. Upload the picture to your website, blog or account on a photo sharing site.
  3. Tag your photo with other words of phrases that someone might use to search for your picture. For instance with the picture of the soccer ball, you might tag it with the location of where it was taken or with the brand name.
  4. Add a caption to your photo with additional information about the picture or where it was taken that someone might search for on the web.
  5. Wait a few days and try searching for your picture. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few months for your picture to show up in Google Images depending on how often Google indexes the site you are uploading your photo to.