Thursday, June 9, 2011

Determine a Wireless MAC Address

A Media Access Control (MAC) address, also called a physical address, is a number assigned to each networking device on a network. MAC addresses are unique to each device, providing a way to identify different devices and the computers using the devices. If you are setting your computer up on a new network, your network administrator may require your MAC address to register your computer. You can identify wireless MAC addresses using the command prompt tool.

This article will help you to determine a Wirelss MAC address.


  1. Inspect the wireless adapter for a label the lists the MAC address if you use an external wireless adapter or want to check the address for an internal adapter that is not installed. Boxes and other materials that came with your adapter may also list the MAC address.
  2. Click "Start" followed by "Run," type "cmd" into the run text field and press "Enter" if you are on a Windows XP system. For Windows Vista and 7, click "Start," type "command" into the search box and press "Enter." The command prompt will appear.
  3. Type "ipconfig/all" and press "Enter." A list of information about your networking devices will appear.

  4. Scroll through the list of information and locate a section with information about your wireless network connection.

  5. Check the string of characters listed as your physical address. This is your MAC address.