Friday, June 10, 2011

Choose a Wireless Network Card

Since it clears the home of clutter and can save money on cord connections, wireless networking has come into favor. Businesses such as coffee shops, libraries and hotels all use wireless networking as a way to provide Internet access for their customers. With access to a computer and a wireless network card, you should be able to access your email and favorite Internet websites whenever you're in a WiFi zone. Even your home can be hooked up to this new technology.

This article will help you to choose a wireless Network Card.
  1. Determine if the wireless network card will be for a laptop or desktop computer.

  2. Decide whether to purchase an internal or external wireless network card. Internal cards work best for desktop computers, although they require installation. External wireless cards are better for laptops that didn't originally come with that technology. These usually connect through USB.

  3. Study your network and usage. If your home wireless network uses the wireless standard G (you can find this on your network router), then you would need a network card that uses 802.11 G signals as well. If you plan to bring your computer to other networks, at coffee shops for example, then it's better to choose one with multiple signals, such as G, B and N combinations.

  4. Read brand and product reviews. Websites such as and have impartial customer reviews for products. This will help you choose the most reliable wireless network card.

  5. Purchase your wireless network card. Based on the information you found in the previous steps, you should be able to locate a wireless card that fits all your specifications.