Tuesday, June 7, 2011

View Page Source in Firefox

When surfing the Web, you might stumble upon a site that has a particular design or structure you've never seen before. Utilizing the handy View Page Source feature within the Firefox Web browser will enable you to see the blueprints of the site. You can then decide if you want to use some of the ideas from the page source to implement into your own Web creations.

This article will help you to view page source in Firefox.

Locate a Web site to View Source
  1.  Launch the Firefox browser.
  2. Type in the desired Web page URL in order to be able to view the page source. The source function will display all X/HTML code, Javascript or other programming language source code.
View Page Source in Firefox
  1. Click anywhere on the Web page, except on a link or image, for a menu to appear. Windows users will need to right-click to generate this menu. Mac users can simply hold down the 'Cmd' button and then click your mouse or track pad. When the menu appears, click 'View Page Source' and a new window will open with all the source code for that particular page.
  2. Use a shortcut. You can also press Ctrl + U (Windows) and Cmd + U (Mac) on your keyboard. The page source code will automatically display in a new window.
  3. Use the menu option. Select View from the upper menu bar and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose View Page Source to display a new window with the corresponding source code.